Born in the year 2004, Final Muzik is an Italian label founded by experimental music composer Deison and Gianfranco Santoro. It is their "final" label, the final step they took after - or while - being involved in many other different projects, including owning a record shop, writing for magazines and fanzines, making music and noise and broadcasting a weekly radio show.

In 2015 Gianfranco and Deison were joined by Vanessa Venerdì.

Releases range from experimental, electronic music to industrial, dark ambient and neofolk, with occasional but cherished wanderings in darkwave and dark pop. Artists from very different backgrounds and musical experiences can be found on the label’s catalogue, in both new productions and reissues, as the only criteria we follow for our releases are quality and originality.


Welcome to the Third Ear Muzik Label!  

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